An Expandable MFD That Puts Your Team on the Front Foot.

Empower your workgroup and maximise business potential with the advanced document capabilities of the MX-2630N.

The MX-2630N offers intuitive operation that simplifies complex work processes for everyone on your team. With its expandable functionality and support for easy and secure cloud access, the MX-2630N will be a key player for your enterprise to make your business grow.

Super-Efficient Colour and B/W Output

The MX-2630N delivers a fast output of 26 ppm* in B/W and in full colour. The first copy comes out in just 4.7 seconds in B/W and 6.7 seconds in full colour, saving you valuable time when performing multiple short-run jobs.

Environmentally Friendly

The MX-2630N has been designed to deliver exceptional energy efficiency. The Eco Scan function saves energy by keeping the fusing system shut down during jobs that don’t require its use. Based on prior usage patterns, the MX-2630N can automatically determine how long to wait before going into auto power shut-off mode.

Link with Mail Servers

Scanned data can be conveniently sent via your regular Gmail™ or Microsoft Exchange/Online account. Sending e-mail is as easy as choosing a recipient from your address book on the mail server. Scanned data that you send can be stored on the mail server along with other sent items.

Printer Driver with Easy Setup

Printer Driver with Easy Setup

The printer driver setup window features a simple design that includes larger buttons and drop-down menus, making it easier than ever to use printer functions.

Sharp Print Release

The Standard Print Release function lets you send documents to the main MFD, which acts as a server and stores them for printing out from any other compatible Sharp MFD on the network. This function comes in handy when the main MFD is in use or under maintenance, letting you finish your job with minimal waiting.

Easy User Interface
Direct Printing*/Scanning with USB Drives

Easy User Interface

Despite its compact size, the MX-2630N’s 7.0-inch LCD touchscreen features the same user interface found on larger 10.1-inch touchscreens and offers the same ease of use. The interface incorporates an Easy UI mode that makes it simple and intuitive to operate the MFD. And with the Advanced Preview function, you can edit pages easily, preview documents in various modes, and check document finishes and page layout in advance.

Direct Printing*/Scanning with USB Drives

Insert a USB drive into the MX-2630N and a print/scan command screen will automatically pop up on the LCD. Right away you can print files from the USB drive—which are displayed as thumbnails—or you can scan documents directly to the USB drive.

* Direct printing of PDF files requires optional MX-PK13; direct printing of Microsoft Office files (pptx, xlsx, docx) requires optional MX-PU10.

Link to Public Cloud and Mobile Printing Services

Link to Public Cloud and Mobile Printing Services

The MX-2630N supports single sign-on for easy access to public cloud services such as Google Drive™, OneDrive®, and SharePoint® Online & Box™. They also support various mobile printing services* such as Google Cloud Print™ V2, AirPrint™ and the Android™ printing framework.

Office Direct Printing*

Office Direct Printing*

Print common Microsoft Office files without using a PC. With a MX-2630N, you can print a Word, Excel®, or PowerPoint® file directly from a mobile device, cloud service, USB drive, or file server.* Requires optional MX-PU10. This function is enabled via DirectOffice™ technology.

Secure Access Control

The MX-2630N support the Active Directory® service, which lets you use the machine’s log-on credentials for internal network folders. System administrators can easily keep track of user credentials, which makes for an efficient and highly secure  operational environment. And with single sign-on, you can access internal network folders by simply logging into the MFD—there’s no need to re-enter your IDs and passwords.E

Print TypeColour
User InterfaceColour 7″ LCD Touch-Screen
Product EnvironmentMedium Office/Workgroup
Original Paper SizeMax A3
Printed Paper SizeTray : SRA3-A5R, Bypass: SRA3-A5R, Long Paper (Max. 1300mm x 320mm)
Standard Paper Capacity650 sheets (550-sheet x 1 + 100-sheet multi bypass)
Maximum Paper Capacity6,300 sheets (650 sheets & optional 550 + 2,100-sheet tray and 3,000-sheet tray)
Paper WeightTray: 60 g/m2 to 300 g/m2. Multi-bypass tray: 55 g/m2 to 300 g/m2
Output CapacitySTD: 250 sheets (Face down)
Warm-up Time20 sec or less
Resolution (Equivalent)9,600 (equivalent) x 600 dpi, 600 x 600 dpi ( Copy/Printer )
Memory5 GB (STD & Max)
HDD Capacity250GB
DuplexStd. (60 – 256 g/m2)
Dimension (WDH)608 x 650 x 834 mm
Weight79 kg
Print Speed26 ppm (A4), 15 ppm (A3)