Sharp OSA
Sharp Open Systems Architecture (OSA)
Now you can start and finish a task in one simple operation right from the LCD control panel and manage your document workflow more easily and securely.
A Smarter Way to Work with Sharp’s Award Winning OSA

Sharp OSA is an award winning development platform that allows third party software developers to customise Sharp Multifunction Copiers / Printers for integration with critical network applications. Sharp OSA transforms your MFD into an integrated gateway to your business applications, offering a new realm of control and convenience.

Sharp OSA – What It Is and What It Does
Sharp OSA is a powerful platform for automating document related workflow. It transforms your Sharp MFD into an integrated gateway to all your existing business applications – making document management systems, reporting functions, internally developed programs, and much more accessible directly from the touch screen control panel.

Sharp OSA is a customisable solution, it has the flexibility needed to meet the evolving needs of any office. SharpOSA  enabled MFDs deliver increased efficiency and streamlined document workflow for maximum productivity. By offering tighter integration with network security and cost accounting applications, Sharp OSA enabled MFDs let you effortlessly control access and track usage.

With Sharp OSA technology, your MFD will gain a broader set of features and greater functionality  far beyond basic copy, print, scan, and fax capabilities – for a whole new way of working.

How Sharp OSA Improves Document Workflow
Sharp OSA streamlines ordinary document workflow and increases efficiency by allowing you to start and finish a task directly from your MFD control panel  without going back and forth to a PC. Illustrated below is one example of how Sharp OSA can improve workflow. Typically, to manually scan and file a document, users must follow a three step process: scan the document and save it to the PC, add indexing information and upload the file to the document management system. With a Sharp OSA application, however, fewer steps are involved since you can scan, index and upload the file right from your MFD, saving you valuable time.
What Sharp OSA Can Do for You

By transforming your MFD into an easy access portal to key business systems, Sharp OSA maximises return on investment for your IT assets. Using technology based on an Open Web Services approach, Sharp OSA allows for easy integration with a wide range of business systems such as:

  • E-mail systems like Microsoft  Exchange Server and IBM Lotus Domino Server
  • Electronic records and corporate database systems
  • Centralised fax servers and Websites
  • Accounting systems for bill back purposes
  • Document management and workflow systems Putting these and other Sharp OSA enabled applications to work allows you to customise your workflow, eliminate repetitive tasks, streamline processes, and maximise productivity.